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Regulating Your Sleep Temperature with the BedJet System — Does it Work?

My boyfriend and I can sometimes be polar opposites when it comes to body temperature. And there have been occasions where we switch the thermostat from warm to cool several times throughout a single day. This can cause some friction when it’s time to go to bed too! He likes it toasty and I like

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Rituals for Success: Power of the Morning Routine

  The terms structure and stability carry with them certain connotations. One might think “security” or “monotony”. Someone might even associate these words with “boredom”. However, for people who are among the most successful in their chosen field, these words mean “sanity”.Successful people share certain characteristics. One of these being that they all have rituals

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Re-Timer Glasses Review: Optimizing Your Sleep With Green Light Therapy

How do Re-Timer glasses work? Re-Timer glasses work by adjusting the circadian rhythm through suppressing body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness. These glasses can be used to help change wake up times and adjust to shift work, travel and time zone changes as well as treat

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The Polyphasic Sleep Mastery E-BOOK