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Regulating Your Sleep Temperature with the BedJet System — Does it Work?

Natalie April 25, 2018

Some Waking Up Tips

Polyphasic Society May 22, 2017


  1. GAS
  2. BRACs
  3. Circadian and Ultradian Rhythms
  4. Sleep Stage Repartitioning
  5. Glial Fatigue
  6. Photoreception and the Circadian Rhytm
  7. Meta-Learning Skills
  8. Learning Lucid Dreaming
  9. Sleep and the HPT Axis
  10. Cortisol Wake Response

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Quite a few successful historical figures were purportedly Polyphasic sleepers. Such luminaries as Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo DaVinci reportedly followed the fragmented schedule. Their achievements perpetuate the notion that there is a link between genius and efficient sleep. Why not give Polyphasic sleep a try, with our easy to implement Polyphasic Sleep Mastery guide?

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