Everyman Sleep

The everyman 3 schedule was named and coined by Puredoxyk along with the Uberman schedule (although the Uberman technically came first). The original schedule was a 3 hour core and 3 x 20 min naps spread equidistant throughout the day, but has since been refined to a 3.5 hour core and 3 x 20 min naps spread throughout the day according to natural drops in our alertness that are dictated by our Circadian and Ultradian rhythms.


The circadian clock in your brain is based on cues from your retina and cues from your liver and many other places. Your body can detect night and day very easily, and partitions types of sleep into certain periods in the 24h clock. It increases SWS pressure in the evenings from about 3pm to midnight, then it starts reversing back the other way to increase REM pressure from 3am to midday. This means your will get more delta band activity in your brain when you sleep early around dusk, and you will get the most REM around dawn.

Having a morning core (like 3am-6.30am) is not so good, because it is unlikely you will get quality SWS in your core period (as temporary circadian REM pressure is high at this time).

It is best to time your core so that you wake up as your second REM period for the night ends (two slepe cycles). This means a 3.5 hour core is more ideal than 3 hour core for most people, as according to most textbook sleepstage charts the second chunk of REM starts just after the 3h mark, and ends just before the 3.5h mark.

Normal speak:

One good example schedule:

4.10am nap 
8.10am nap
2.40pm nap

If you wake up from your core sleep early at the 3 hour mark before your alarm, get up, because this means your two cycles have finished and you will enter back into SWS for the 3.5 hour mark if you go back to sleep. It may be beneficial at the start of your adaptation to have two alarms, one at 3 hours and one at 3.5 hours, because if your 3 hour alarm goes off and you are in SWS you will automatically turn it off and go back to bed (zombiemode).

If you are organising your own schedule according to these rules here are a few things to follow:

Core Sleep as close to post-dusk as your schedule can bear. Ideally one would core sleep a few hours after dark, though it is understandable that this is unrealistic for some people. Note that: if you are worried about an early core impinging on your social schedule, placing your core early for most of the week (sun-thur) and having a later core sleep on the weekends is better than having a consistently late core. You can always have a stimulant on the weekends when you normally core, or have a short core early before you go out.

Nap at the end of a BRAC multiple when you should be feeling sleepy, not in the middle of a BRAC when you are likely most awake.

A balanced schedule will generally lengthen gaps over time, as it is easier to stay awake later in the afternoon than in the morning.

You can see that the nap times are not actually equidistant, but for the reasons stated above, it is actually optimal not to have an equidistant schedule, and optimal to not nap too late in the day. The closer to dusk, the less REM you will likely get in a nap.

For those who are less awake at the start of the day…


Flexibility and altering E3:

If a situation appears and you cannot nap according to plan on occasion, then there should be several alternatives listed below.

The idea is to have use the stable schedule 95% of the time, and miss naps as little as possible.



Avoid this completely if at all possible

In response to a question about missing a core in skellxig’s thread, here is a model for the occasion where you would miss a core because you are out partying, of course you might decide to just get as much sleep as you can from your 3rd nap until you go out instead.


Basically, you would wake up from your core as per usual, have three naps, then your core shortly before going out, then stay up for the night until your normal morning nap, then continue your schedule as usual. Remember these circumstantial schedules are all for an established E3er, and not for someone mid-way through adaptation.


This is a catch-up sleep schedule, for when you are feeling like utter shit (maybe for after a night out, or in adaptation.


Longer Sleepers

Some people simply require more sleep than others. Rather than having a longer core, make one of your naps longer, this means having a 3.5h core, and a 40 minute 1st nap or second nap.

Deciding on your own Schedule

Everyman can be considered both an ultradian centric and circadian centric schedule. Forevernade’s exact core and nap times above are therefore the standard for optimal sleep, but definitely not the only way you can structure E3.

There will be higher pressure at people’s ‘personal dusk’ and ‘personal dawn’ times, meaning ‘circadian placement’ of naps within those dawn/dusk times will often result in better quality naps than perfectly rhythmic placed naps. For example you may find taking rythmically placed nap should be at 4am and 8am, but circadian placed naps at 4am and 6.30am results in less light sleep and more REM, and in that case you should nap then.

Individual schedules will be different from person to person, based on social and work needs. There are as many people taking their core sleep at midnight as there are people taking early cores. When altering the schedule though, it is still important to keep a rhythm between naps until you can work out your optimal (circadian) nap placement, otherwise it may be difficult to fall asleep at your scheduled nap times.

Once you’ve designed the schedule that fits best with your lifestyle, we can move on to the actual adaptation process.


Adaptation (E3):

There are 2 main methods of adaptation to the Everyman 3 schedule.

One of these methods, and often considered the most effective method, is attempting to do Uberman for as long as you can, then falling back on E3 when you can do Uberman no longer.

The Uberman-way has been refined into a method called Exaptation (formerly naptation). Basically you don’t sleep for a considerable amount of time, like 24h to induce sleep deprivation, then go on a nap-only schedule so your body has to start repartitioning your sleep to be able to fit REM (and SWS) into 20-25 minute long blocks. You do this for a couple of days, maybe for a week, and then gradually go for your target schedule. For example you could do naps every 2h. After a few days, you skip every second nap resulting in napping every 4h. Introduce a 3.5h, replacing two naps and deleting one, and keep only the 3 naps you planned for your final schedule. This method provides a shorter (but also a bit harder) adaptation period as you’ll learn to nap more quickly.

The other method is to go transition from monosleep to segmented sleep (3.5h+3.5h), to dual core sleep (3.5h+1.5h+nap) with the midday nap when one of your E3 naps will be, then to transition to E3 (3.5h+3xnap). Doing this will allow you to practice waking up after 3.5h no matter what, as all three schedules have a 3.5h first core. This method takes much longer because the sleep repartitioning is slower, but it is much easier than going the Uberman route.

A lot of people start to worry that they don’t have good naps, or can’t even fall asleep for their naps. This will get better with time. Give it a week or two, and you’ll eventually start fall asleep easily. If for some reason you feel wide awake, and/or stressed, you can experiment by trying to move your nap a bit. Often people find it beneficial to have their first nap early (3h after a core) and their second nap 4h after that, third nap 6h or 7h after that. If you don’t think that’ll help just lay down and relax. Even if you can’t fall asleep at all, just by resting with your eyes closed for about 20 minutes is almost as good as taking a nap. If you skip it entirely it’ll be much worse.

If you feel wide awake for one nap, but tired an hour later, and this continues for a week straight, then you should move your nap to when you become tired that hour later.

Sometimes it can even be most optimal to take a perfectly placed 40 minute nap in the morning instead of 20 because this leads to 35-40 minutes REM. If you figure out you can do this at a certain time, then we highly recommend doing it. You may find you do not need  one of your naps later, or a shorter nap later, if you do this.


Variations (E2 and E4):

There are two main variations of the Everyman schedule, E2 and E4. The numbers mean the number of naps in each one.

The E2 schedule consists of a longer core which is about 5h long, and in turn only 2 naps. The extra 1.5h (~one sleep cycle) is meant to replace one of the naps. Often people find that a dual core schedule feels more natural than this, however.

The E4 schedule is quite the opposite. It trades in 1.5h core sleep for an added extra nap. So this schedule has a 2h-2.5h core and 4 naps.

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  1. thatfatdood Reply

    Awesome! It’s finally done!

    About that advice on making your core later only Friday – Saturday for social reasons, wouldn’t that mess up your schedule?

    • Stenemo Reply

      I was thinking the same thing, since I haven’t read about this working for anyone.

  2. tonsofquestions Reply

    Typo: “Introduce a 3.5h, replacing” should be “Introduce a 3.5h core, replacing”
    Otherwise, it looks pretty good to me.

  3. Elijah Reply

    looks good! 🙂 I’m glad it got done! I would love if someone could expand on the E2 and E4 schedules, but as it stands, I dunno if that is possible as no one seems to have done it for an extended period of time.

    • vico Reply

      E2 (4.5h core + 2 naps) is what Puredoxyk actually calls E4.5 for the 4.5h core and she was on that at some point for a quite extended period of time.
      I did that too, my 6-month long Everyman3 fell back at some point to an Everyman4.5 and stayed that way for a few months. I was actually doing much better on E4.5, and the schedule is much more flexible and forgiving than E3.
      I would say it is (much) more difficult to adapt directly to E4.5 though, unless you do a naptation.

  4. Stenemo Reply

    “placing your core early for most of the week (sun-thur) and having a later core sleep on the weekends is better than having a consistently late core. ”
    1) On what basis?
    2) How many people have made that work as compared to number of people who have made a later core work?

    “You can always have a stimulant on the weekends when you normally core, or have a short core early before you go out.”
    3) is this the case for those who are on this switching schedule?
    4-99) I keep thinking of new questions regarding this “weekend party everyman 3”, so maybe best if it got its own section to explain the research about it.

  5. Stenemo Reply

    I am still missing “anticipating missed third power nap” since that is the equivalent of “missed first power nap”

    • Stenemo Reply

      Or maybe that is the 1.5 hour power nap 3 followed by a 11.3 hour long wake period 4. But I just think that there should be something better than that. Couldn’t having “everyman 3 sleep in” or “everyman 3 long nappers” one day be better than this one? Since I am going for an ~ideal everyman 3 6 days of the week and it is the third power nap is the one I have to work out still. I haven’t tried this one, but I guess I should before I try the other two I mentioned here. But it doesn’t fit my schedule either it seems, whereas the other two does to some extent.

      Another thing is the fact that once you are adapted this should not be any big issue, since I could just move the power nap to one hour earlier, which is my plan.

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  10. Quentin Reply

    I have a question to all polyphasic sleepers out here.

    I’m 23, and I’ve been doing the Everyman method for 20 days now.

    The schedule is as follow :

    2am-6am Core
    11:00 – 11:20 Nap 1
    16:00 – 16:20 Nap 2
    21:00 – 21:20 Nap 3

    I followed it extremely strictly, by the minute.

    The first two weeks went well with few hard adaptation days at the end of the first week. I fell sick at the end of Week 2, getting back to normal by extending my Core to 6 hours two consecutive nights.
    Now i’m having a really hard time not falling asleep between naps, and waking up after core and naps is Hardcore !

    I’m afraid my body is getting close to exhaustion.
    Should I adapt my schedule in anyway ? Is this a second normal adaptation time ?

    Thank you for your advices,

    Best regards,


    • Sam Reply

      I’d be interested to see how you’re doing now, Quentin. Your post makes it seem like you were really feeling the pressure. My adaptation period took a good three weeks because I didn’t follow my schedule as strictly as possible. I needed to have someone come wake me up. I’m only speaking from my experience, but that really heavy period of exhaustion lasted about 4-5 days. It was pretty brutal, and I was pretty useless during it, but my sleep hygiene before that was so poor that I was already used to doing things while tired.

      I’d say if you gave up, that’s probably best for you. But, if not, then I’m sure we’d all be excited to hear back from you!

      • Pabu Reply


        Your core should precisely be a multiple of 90min. Otherwise you are waking up in the middle of a cycle. And you won’t adapt. I speak from experience. That might explain why you are having difficulty adapting.

  11. Bonita Reply

    What if you are a nightshift worker? Infor example don’t get home from work until 2am, sometimes 4 or 5. With a varying start time between 6pm and 8 pm. What would be the recommended time for core sleep?

    • Sam Reply

      I did the everyman 3 for 6 months a couple of years ago when I was working third shift at a grocery store and going to CC at the same time. It worked pretty well for me. My schedule (IIRC) was usually 11p – 7a (or later), with the odd 9p – 5a night every now and then. What really made that work for me, was that there were scheduled breaks at 1a and 6a, regardless of when I started and stopped working. I had my core sleep scheduled at 9a – 12p, but I had to sleep with a pillow over my head to keep the sun out. I was pretty tired after my core, but them’s the breaks sometimes when you’re intervening with nature.

      The real crux is that you sleep at the same time every day. If you can’t take a regular break or two at work, I’d recommend trying biphasic 3 & 3, or two core and one nap.

  12. Rad Reply

    Is it possible to go for Everyman with 2 naps of 30 minutes instead of 3 nap of 20 minutes ?

    • Sam Reply

      The trouble with this is that the naps aren’t so much making up time as giving your brain a chance to catch a REM cycle. As a rule of thumb, most people need 5 REM cycles everyday to stay rested. Usually you get those in the 7.5 – 8 hours of regular sleep, with a REM cycle happening once every 1.5 hours or so. After adaptation, your naps are what bring you that REM sleep. So if you’re sleeping a 3 – 3.5 hour core, that’s likely two REM cycles, so you’ll need three more – so three naps. But if you try it and find you’re okay without, great! Everyone sleeps differently. Just be sure to listen to your body.

  13. Delilah Reply

    are those core and naps include sleeping in time? Or should you add that by yourself?

    Oh, and I have an E2 schedule, is this one good?

    Core: 03.00am – 07.30am (I only can fall asleep around 2am or later)
    Nap 1: around 2pm, my first nap can’t be earlier because of work
    Nap 2: around 07.30pm

    How is this schedule? Any advice?

    PS sorry for my probably bad English, it’s not my main language

    • Sam Reply

      I hope I’m getting you right, so let me know if I’m not. I think most people here would say that “sleeping in” is something to avoid. Ideally, if you find a schedule that works for you, you’ll feel rested and won’t have to sleep in. If you find you need that extra sleep, you might need to add another nap.

      Your schedule seems to hit all the basics – enough time for three REM cycles during core and two more during naps. Just be sure to monitor yourself. You might be feeling rough in the mornings, as you’re going a pretty good stretch of time right after your nap, which is usually a low energy part of the day.

      • Delilah Reply

        Oh wait, I didn’t mean sleeping in, whoops. As I already said, bad english haha. I meant time falling asleep, it takes me around 15-30 minutes to fall asleep so do I have to add those 15-30 minutes to my core and nap so that my core is 4h45 – 5h and my naps are around 35 – 50 minutes or will I spend way less time falling asleep so my core has to be just 4h30 minutes and my naps 20 minutes including “falling asleep”?

  14. Delilah Reply

    Oh wait, I didn’t mean sleeping in, whoops. As I already said, bad english haha. I meant time falling asleep, it takes me around 15-30 minutes to fall asleep so do I have to add those 15-30 minutes to my core and nap so that my core is 4h45 – 5h and my naps are around 35 – 50 minutes or will I spend way less time falling asleep so my core has to be just 4h30 minutes and my naps 20 minutes including “falling asleep”?

  15. sidCos Reply

    I have donne it for 3 week know with no probleme to fall a sleep and dreaming during nap but I am still very tired and it’s on summer (so no wekness becaus of the cold) I have a healthy life still and do sport ( I have smok weed one weeken
    The only thing bad (I think) is do more 30 minute nap than 20 and I have smoke weed once to.
    I do 11h to 2h30 6h to 6h30 10h to 10h30 4h30 to 5h
    So why am I still tired after 3 week ?
    Sorry for my english I am french

  16. Udit Kasaundhan Reply

    I am starting it from midnight , so could you please suggest me the schedule

    • Mo Reply

      I’d like some feedback on this also. I just started doing one now
      Core: 12:00 – 3:30
      Nap 1: 8:00 – 8:30
      Nap 2: 13:00 – 13:30
      Nap 3: 19:00 – 19:30
      The naps tend to vary by half an hr sometimes due to just things coming up and not being able to follow that schedule exactly.

      I would appreciate any feedback you guys have.

  17. Patrick Reply

    Just started this cycle 2 weeks ago tomorrow and i love it. Im not tired at all during the day and plenty of extra time during the night to do more school work. Also since the naps are pretty much purely REM sleep I just had two lucid dreams in a row! Im 20 and only ever had one lucid dream. Im very excited to see where this leads!

  18. Delilah Reply

    Hi, I now know how much to sleep to wake up feeling rested on everyman 4.5 . But do I actually sleep enough to avoid health risks? I’ve tested how long my sleep cycle lasts and it is just only 1 hour and 20 minutes. And I’m awake the whole day. My core sleep is arond 4h10 long and my 2 naps are 20-25 minutes long. Is this okay for my health if I’m just feeling good the whole day?
    Ps sorry for my bad English

  19. Valeri Reply

    Im student and i want to change my sleep scedule
    but after looking its look like nothing can fit me because i need like 9 hours awake time or even more. I have 30-40min travel time to the university then like 7-8 (sometimes even more) hours of lectures then 30-40 min travel back home.
    Is there anything that can be applied to this situation ?

    • Psychol Reply

      Hi Valeri

      You may use a Everyman Schedule, in which you have a core sleep and a few of naps. To solve your problem whith your 9 hours sprint you could make a nap at the travel time, if you go in a public vehicle (not driving you!)

      But the perfect item to solve your problem is to find a place at the University, a relaxing room or a quiet cafe, where make a short nap for 20 or 30 minutes. You dont need a bed, only a quiet room with a sofa or a wingchair.

  20. Gunnar Reply

    2 weeks in cold turkey style.

    never been as comfortable about my sleep before. Thanks to my crazy cycle pre adapting no drawbacks yet. Yay for me i guess.

  21. Leo Moe Reply

    I am trying to go from sleeping 8 hours a night to sleeping 3,5 and napping 3 times. My problem, however, is that when I wake up 3:30, I do not feel disciplined enough to stay awake. How should I do the adaption?

    • Miriam V Reply

      For me, I just had to muscle through the first two weeks. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better, but it does. Have you considered starting your core earlier? Maybe your schedule doesn’t permit that…

  22. Miriam V Reply

    I have been following an everyman schedule for almost 2 months. I am about to have minor surgery. I suspect I will be asleep for most of the day of the surgery– I am being told to expect to spend half the day at the hospital. I will be asleep much more than usual and at the wrong time. Do I have to go through for adaptation all over again?

    • ram Reply

      Pardon me for i am not a polyphasic sleeper,only a polyphasic trainee.
      I think after a surgery,your body should get more deep sleep to get repairing done.everyman won’t be as difficult as you once adapted from monophasic sleep.take your core sleep and a nap longer for a while.After fully recovered,you can continue strict everyman cycle.

  23. Miriam V Reply

    Is there a network of physicians associated with this website who can talk in depth about questions with the sleep schedule?

  24. John Reply

    I work night shift from 2300 to 0730 and I was wondering if I can do the core at 0900. Has anyone tried this?

  25. JS Ha Reply

    core sleep 0330~0700
    nap1 1145
    nap2 1600
    nap3 2145

    is it ok?

    i need advise

  26. Owen De heer Reply

    Right so i am confused… do i have nu core achter the sub goed doen around 21:30 or at midnight around 00:00 or in the morning at 09:00?

    It looks like this article is living multiple answers

  27. Kenneth Morales Reply

    What if you force yourself in the E3 cycle without going through the adaptation phase? Like one night just sleep from 11pm to 2:30 am, for example, and then take three naps throughout the day? Is that possible?

  28. Deb Reply

    Hello! I’ve seem to be most interested in E2, but there seems to be the least amount of information for this one. At this point, I’m planning my core sleep from 10 p – 3 a with a couple of naps. Not exactly sure where to place them and what might be most appropriate on the E2. If I understood it correctly, the E3 suggested naps are 3 h after core sleep, 4 h later and than 6-7 h after 2nd nap. Suggestions would be helpful. Last night was my first attempt and wonder if I’ll figure out what works best with practice and in time. Thanks in advance for suggestions or ideas.

    • Pat Reply

      I just started with e3 but i think you shoud be fine with them eavenly spaced trough the day.
      Any tips for e3. Im fine for now but as the day goes on im starting to feel a bit of fatigue. From what i read thats normal right?
      Thanks for the help.

  29. Yahya Uddin Reply

    Does the 20min naps includes the time it takes to sleep. For example, if it takes me 15min to go to sleep, should I be in bed for 35mins?

    • Serena Reply

      set an alarm for 25 minutes, after a week with this schedule, you’ll be falling instantly

  30. vandana Reply

    thankyou for your explanation. I am preparing my schedule for Everyman 3 and have exams next month, should I start for wait? Also I’d pin down one schedule taking my BRAC time to be 105 minutes.
    core 23:00 – 02:30
    nap1 06:00
    nap2 11:45
    nap3 20:00
    I have classes during mid-day so can’t fit in the idea of 6h gap between last nap and core sleep. Is this good to follow?
    thanks in advance for advice!

    • Otter Reply

      I´am adapting almost the same schedule, just nap 2 and 3 are a little bit different (+- 1 hour). I would be interested in your impressions while adapting. To be honest, I started on 25th of september with a core time of 03:30 – 06:30, which one i changed to yours last week (after i explored this website). The extended core and the changed schedule made it work quite well for me. But I´am still working on optimize my schedule. One day I´am highly motivated and well-rested, the other day i feel useless and sleepy a.f.

  31. Antti Reply

    Wouldn’t my body adapt to it if I did exactly like you said not to do and had my longer sleep period in the morning?

  32. Alexander Reply

    I must be in college from 8 to 16 which takes away most of my day
    So how would this schedule be
    02:40 –> 03:00 Nap #1
    06:10 –> 06:30 Nap #2
    16:30 –> 20:00 Core
    23:10 –> 23:30 Nap #3

    1) Is this good enough ?
    2) Any better ideas ?
    3) How can I make my own schedule, like the minimum time period between sleeping times 😕

    Biphasic is kinda easier, specially that I have a busy day so it would be easier for me to sleep like twice or thrice a day.
    But biphasic wastes more time.

    4) So, is this sleep cycle okay for me ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ana Reply

      I think that it is better than your core is arround 2 am, i have been reading a lot and every study says that hormonally your deepest sleep is around 2am, so maybe your core should be 0:30am to 4am. Srry for my english. 😀

  33. Otter Reply

    @Antti the longer sleep period in the morning seems to be the best/easiest way to design your schedule, but in the morning hours your body wouldn´t regenerate that good. I made this mistake aswell in the beginning.


    1) this schedule seems to be good, if you can handle your social activities like that. The more you can spread you naps the better it is. Also its perfect to have your core in the afternoon (like you do) or in the evening.

    2) I would change it and just swap your core with your 3rd nap. So nap #3 16:30-16:50 and your core 20:00 – 22:30. Why? Cause you have time for social activities after college. To be honest it was easier for me to expand my core to 3 hours, but if you feel fine like that its up to you.

    3) The minimum time period between your sleeping time should be like 2 – 3 hours.

    4) Thats a question you have to answer yourself, you should be able to adapt this cycle, but it depends on your body. I would


    I adapted the everyman schedule 4 months ago, actually i´am sleeping dualcore, because i have a nine to five job and its easier for me like that. Well it wastes a little bit more time, but i feel really good like that and i don´t need this time every day.

  34. Kk Reply

    I work from 06:00 to 14:00, is it possible to make a schedule like this:
    core: 02:00-05:30
    nap: 15:00-15:20
    nap: 19:40-20:00
    nap: 23:00-23:20

    • Otter Reply

      Well it is possible, BUT you might have problems adapting this one. As a monophasic sleeper, i guess you were until now, your sleep-cycles in the dawn will consist of a lot more light sleep and rem-sleep than in the evening. You might not get enough deep sleep in your core.

      I would try to start my core at 23:00 and your 3rd nap at 05:10. After a few weeks you can try to swap it if you want.

  35. Polyphase Newbie Reply

    I am trying to adapt to E3 but with a longer core than recommended. Is my schedule suitable?
    0230 – 0700 core
    1130 – 1150 nap 1
    1630 – 1650 nap 2
    2130 – 2150 nap 3

    Also, when I have to miss nap (typically nap 1 & 2), I tried with a replacement nap for 1.5h from 1800 – 1930. So far I’ve not been experiencing sleep deprivation as well from my schedule, is it that my schedule is off from an E3?

    • Otter Reply

      Your schedule seems to be okay. I mean you got no sleep deprivation yet, so it absolutely works out for you. For how long are you sleeping like this now? Do you wanna change your core to 3 hours or 3,5 hours?

      In my opinion its the perfect way to replace you missed naps like you do.

      And you are having a little more sleep in the night, you might not even need this, but its really good to have this, if you know that you can´t get your naps in the afternoon every day.

  36. gautam manohar Reply

    Core – 1.30 to 5.30
    12.30-12.55 – nap 1
    16.15 to 16.45 – nap 2.
    Is this ideal ? I can’t sleep very early like 2100 for core sleep, atleast it LL take 2300 for me ,and is my spacing okay ?

  37. Tony Reply

    Could I sleep 1,5 hours sleep at night and three naps (20 min each) per day?please answer as soon as possible

  38. Albert Talcott Reply

    Hi there! I am planning to switch to polyphasic sleep but want to have a sample schedule nailed down first. Here is what I’m thinking would work best with my schedule but I’m not sure if the time is too inconsistent. I think nap #3 is technically an hour too late, but is that fine?

    Core 23:45-3:15
    Nap #1 7:00-7:30
    Nap #2 11:00-11:30
    Nap #3 6:30-7:00

    Please let me know what Input you have!

  39. Albert Talcott Reply

    I guess to be more consistent I should have written it this way:

    Core: 23:45-3:15
    Nap #1 7:00-7:30
    Nap #2 11:00-11:30
    Nap #3 18:30-19:00

  40. Mattias Reply

    Is this a good schedule?
    Core: 01:00- 4:30

    Nap:1 7:30 -8:00

    nap:2 11:00 -11:30

    nap:3 17:30- 18:00

  41. Julian Stanev Reply

    Witch schedule to choose?
    I must wake up 6
    And I’ll be home 16
    Witch is the best?
    I failed to adapt to Dual Core.

  42. Xerus Reply

    Guys, stop asking and DO IT. Give it about two weeks to get used to it, and then evaluate whether you feel sleep-deprived.
    Most importantly always lay down for a nap, even if you don’t sleep. This way, I first started adding a simple 30 minute nap after coming home at 16, this has expanded to 1.5, 3 or rarely even 5 hours in favour of less night sleep. Now I will try to acquire a schedule, simply by experimenting.

  43. Jacob Jones Reply

    I have to work my sleep schedule around school I have to wake up by 6:30 I can take a nap at lunch time from 12:30 to 1:00 but I don’t get out of home till about 4

  44. Ana Reply

    i have a HUGE problem, basically is that for me it is very difficult to fall asleep. I tried the core 3:30 hours and 3 naps but i can’t, sometimes it takes me 1 hour or more to falling asleep so i cant never make the naps, and when a take a 20 minutes nap it’s not enough, ’cause when i wake up i feel like a zombie and 99% of the times i turn of the alarm and fall sleep again. So can i make this new shedule???:
    23 – 02.30 core
    12 – 13.30 nap 1
    17 – 17.30 nap 2 (I dont think that actually I’ll be able to take this one)

  45. Dusty Joe Reply

    I have always had trouble with maintaining a proper sleep schedule. On average, for the last 2-3 years, I’ve walked life with 4-6 hours of sleep, but my afternoons have always yielded groggy and laziness in productivity.
    Having recently had a day where I manage only 30 minutes of sleep that night, I found this didn’t effect my day at all, and I continued my day as normal, being alert/awake from 0730-1700. It was just after 1700 that I really started to drop to a thoughtless/awake state. I was curious if less sleep was possible to feel better.
    I really want to start a dymaxion sleep schedule, but am not sure how to work to that point. So…
    1) Transitioning from monophasic sleep to E3;
    Core: 2300-0230
    Nap1: 0515-0545(ish)
    Nap2: 1115-1145 (while on lunch break at work)
    Nap3: 1645-1715 (after work)

    Does that look about a good place to start for a 0700-1600 job?

    2a) do you know a feasible sleep schedule, or could help build one, to attempt a transition to dymaxion sleep after 3-4 months with the above schedule?
    2b) would it be easier to reduce the core to a 2.5hour core? If so, How would you advise the timing be to best with the 1115-1145 nap not being movable?

  46. Gustavo Reply

    Hi guys! I just would like to know if it is better to get the core during SWS or REM period… If someone could awnser i’ll be glad

  47. Gustavo Reply


    Because i’ve been planing to start one of these schedules below:

    *First schedule:

    09:00pm – 12:30am core;
    07:30am – 07:50am nap;
    12:00pm – 12:20pm nap;
    18:00pm – 18:20pm nap;

    *Second schedule:

    09:00pm – 12:30am core;
    03:40am – 04:00am nap;
    07:30am – 07:50am nap;
    12:00pm – 12:20pm nap.

    *Third schedule

    11:00pm – 02:30am core;
    07:30am – 07:50am nap;
    12:00pm – 12:20pm nap;
    18:00pm – 18:20pm nap.

    which one seems better??

  48. Proshit Reply

    Hi, I am software engineer and I want to adopt Everyman sleep cycle l done some research and make my schedule according to my daily working life please tell me is it working fine.
    Core sleep : 01.00 am – 05.00 am
    1st Nap : 08.30 am – 09.00 am
    2nd Nap : 12.30 pm – 01.00 pm
    3rd Nap : 07.30 pm – 08.00 pm

  49. Andrey Reply

    And how long have you adapted and do you have enough sleep, with such a schedule? No health problems?

  50. Andrey Reply

    And how long have you adapted and do you have enough sleep, with such a schedule?
    No health problems?

  51. Joe D Reply

    I did the Everyman E1 schedule for about a year and I loved it. I felt healthier than ever and I had so much time. Then I got a job that makes the schedule impossible to keep. My health hasn’t been the same, and I am desperate to find a polyphasic schedule that works with my schedule again. I think I’ll try the Triphasic. I hope I feel as healthy and energetic as I felt on the everyman schedule.

  52. Ken Reply

    Can I get some feedback on this potential schedule please?

    Core: 11 PM – 2:30 AM
    Nap: 6:20 AM – 6:40 AM
    Nap: 12:10 PM – 12:30 PM
    Nap: 7:00 PM – 7:20 PM

    I usually have to leave the house at about 6:50 AM and I don’t get home until about 6:30-6:45 PM. The only time at work that I could consistently get a nap in would be between 12 & 1 PM. Based on everything would there be a recommendation to change the schedule I have laid out? Any and all suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated.

  53. Nikhil Chandra Reply

    Hey so I have been trying to get a perfect sleep schedule around school hours. Can someone give me advice on how this sounds:

    11 p.m – 3:30 am: Core
    6:30 a.m. – 6:50 a.m.: Nap 1
    4:10 p.m – 4.30 p.m.: Nap 2

    I start school at 8, so I like to have an hour to get ready and have breakfast. I come back from school at 4:00 or 4:10. So I can only take a nap after. I have already been doing a form of everyman, but I have been advised by the article that it is not a good idea to get your core late in the night. I was taking it at 2:30 a.m. So I want to transition to this. Since I have already been doing that, would it be easier to adapt to this sleep cycle? Can you provide some advice on some alterations to make it better if possible?

    • Evan Tillery Reply

      Thats very similar to the schedule I follow during the school week! It seems to work pretty well. You will be tired at times(especially after lunch) but overall it will work as long as you drink plenty of water and be smart with coffee and napping. Try to eat lunch throughout the day instead of all at once at lunch time. That helps a lot to avoid the post lunch crash

  54. Samik Pal Reply

    I’m a student and I want to try E3. But I’m not able to make a proper schedule. Could someone help me out with want things should be kept in mind while making the schedule and with the schedule entirely?

  55. Aaron B Reply

    The biggest thing on this is hitting your naps. I work 90 hours a week and had to adapt to the everyman sleep cycle. I’ve been at it now for over two months and have actually been excelling at both jobs I work.

    5:45pm – 8:45pm – Core
    4:10am – 4:30am – Nap 1
    7:00am – 7:20am – Nap 2
    12:00pm – 12:20pm – Nap 3

    No signs of sleep deprivation. I will say that when your body needs the sleep you have to give it to it. You miss it you’re going to be hurting.

  56. Manuel Reply

    I would like to have this schedule for Sunday to Thursday
    09:00pm – 12:30am core;
    03:40am – 04:00am nap;
    07:30am – 07:50am nap;
    12:00pm – 12:20pm nap

    And something different that allows me to stay awake from 6pm to 3am during for Friday-Saturday.

    Any ideas?

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