Zombie Mode

Zombiemode is the phenomena every polyphasic sleeper experiences where they do things after they wake up, without remembering anything, often resulting in them changing things about then going back to sleep.

This phenomena is completely out of your control. If you wake up when you are in SWS your brain has lots of delta band activity, and your frontal cortex is disconnected from the rest of your brain, and very inactive.

You can create a trained response with pavlov’s dog -like training, so that when you are in this state you start doing a morning ritual rather than going back to bed.

2 comments on “Zombie Mode”

  1. Cold Reply

    How do you create the trained response? I tend to turn off my alarm and get back in bed without ever realizing it. wake up an hour after my core was suppose to be over, and wonder what happened.

    • Sanford Helmuth Reply

      Look at the article Tips and Methods under the heading Adaptation. In there it talks about what he mentions here.

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