Beddit Sleep Tracker Review

Beddit is extremely easy to install and use. Just place the tape thin sensor under your mattress and set the alarm clock. In the morning Beddit Sleep Score will show you how you’ve slept. If you chose the smart alarm option then it will also wake you up during the lightest stage of your sleep.

Every time the heart beats the acceleration of blood generation is a measured through the Beddit sensor and used to deduce information about your sleep. Essentially, Beddit is a highly sensitive pressure sensor that can detect the tiniest movements of the human body. It is completely wireless which is a huge advantage.

When compared to other sleep trackers beddit is quite good at gauging being asleep vs being awake. It gives a detailed chart at the end of every night detailing sleep stages, time slept, time awake, time it took to fall asleep and time it took to wake up. It also includes information like heart rate chart, breathing rate chart as well as a sleep score summarizing the quality and quantity of sleep.

Find out more about beddit on their website Beddit can also be purchased on amazon by clicking here.

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