As I’m sure you can see, all the site functionality has been disabled except the articles. I’m going to keep PolySoc – although I don’t particularly believe more extreme schedules than DC1 are a healthy answer to our society’s problematic relationship with sleep, I do believe that there’s some interesting and potentially profound answers with polyphasic sleep.

I also have this thing that when I  encounter things I’m extremely, irrationally adverse to – for instance, the responsibility of maintaining a website that (until now) has done very little for me personally – I look into it and usually what I see are my own fears (in this case, it’s the same fear that’s made me very careful not to become a father – the fear of others depending on me). When I examined this particular fear, I realized that I’ve already crossed a threshold with my life, and that others began to depend on me for various things long ago, and that this is no different.

So I’ve begun revamping Polysoc – it’s not ready, but here is what it will look like when I am done.

  • The forums are being revamped. I’m in the process of implementing nodebb as the forum software because it’s REALLY responsive – almost as responsive as Muut with their cloud computers, but open source and customizable. There’s going to be a number of new features with the forum (@ThatFatDood, yes there will be a chat function), and I don’t want to spoil all the surprises.
  • The forums will become polyphasicsociety.com, and the articles are going to be moved into them as stickied posts, rather than play this dualism game of WordPress/other software for discussion. WordPress is going to cease to exist at that point, because although its CMS is wonderful for those with limited development experience, that very same CMS is built on languages that are very slow in database recall compared to node.js (the language nodebb is built on), and it doesn’t run discussion software very well.

Be well and sleep well everyone,
– your (now humbled) admin