A couple of notes regarding my use of the English language here on PolySoc

If you read this website, and all of my commentary, and are discouraged from doing something you really feel is needed for your life, please re-examine why you are doing this.

If you read this commentary and laugh because you have someone in your life that always speaks out against your ideas in order to help you cultivate yourself, then you understand my intentions well. It doesn’t matter what lifestyle choice you make, there will always be naysayers and if you don’t learn how to carry on regardless of what they say, your chances of making those lifestyle choices into lifestyle changes is significantly lower than if you learn to listen for constructive pieces and laugh at the rest. There are constructive pieces, even among the “rules” (in quotes because As All Bipeds Should Know, In Life There Are No Rules).

Carry on debating whether I’m on your side or not, and I’ll keep slowly slogging through the spam users in the database. And whatever you do, avoid – at all costs, please avoid the fate of taking me seriously.

Welcome to The Society. Here are the rules

You’ll notice this place suddenly has some kind of strange, unfamiliar structure and things that existed in the previous incarnations, like the log books forum, or forums devoted to each schedule, ceased to exist with the migration to BuddyPress. Don’t worry – you still have a place to write your sleep deprived borderline hallucinatory rants, it’s just moved.

If you mouse over “The Society” and click on it, the new forums page appears. I did my best to make the descriptions of the forums self explanatory. There’s a bunch more options under that menu though – if you click activity, you can see activity from others across the site in terms of their individual posts to nowhere – THIS IS WHERE YOUR ADAPTATION PROGRESS GOES. It’s still indexable and searchable by members, but after 5 years of being a part of the polyphasic community and 3 years of running this god forsaken website, I can tell you this: The log books forum was the least read section of the site. I’m so sorry – oh wait, no I’m not, because it’s you guys that made it that way. This new setup makes it so those logs are individual now, rather than public, and indexed by the individual instead of through the forum setup.

There’s messages, and notifications, and all the other social network bullcrap now – I’ll settle for marriage rights for second born daughters and ritual sacrifices, thank you. Please, do the things you do on other social networks here, it will attract traffic – cute cat pictures, epic fail videos, and anything else you want to share that makes you laugh or cry while you’re under the spell of forced insomnia, share it through the Buddypress side. There are groups for each schedule, and each of the regions of the world, as well as the three languages I speak. If someone else speaks another language and wants me to add a group for them, send me a message THROUGH THE WEBSITE. If you email that bullcrap to me I swear upon your dead great great grandfather’s best friend’s cousin’s grave I’ll …

Back on topic. Please don’t clutter my inbox, the suggestions forum, or some other social outlet I just gave you asking why it looks different. I’m open to constructive criticism, but the ignorant bleating of troglodytes can go somewhere else.

On a final note all trolling here is to be done by me – other trolls will be digitally eviscerated and hung to dry.

BuddyPress integration (again), less vitriol

I’m installing BuddyPress – although using it as a full-blown social network might be overblown now, I honestly never thought polyphasic sleep would get beyond myself, ThatFatDood, and Nade talking about the connection between a quality waking life and a quality sleeping one.

Sorry about venting in my last post. Don’t take it too personally.

I’m going to be at this for the rest of my weekend (until Thursday) most likely, but between now and then, expect the following changes:

+ Muut.com/polysoc will become another obscure, free discussion platform for polyphasic sleep. Lurk around here if you want. You’ll either need to register on the WordPress site if you haven’t, or log in if you have.
+ The site is going to be restructured, and comments on the articles are going to be closed. Any existing comments that are relevant to the article will be kept.
+ The discussion is going to move into a set of groups that are all public and people can sift between.
+ I’m hoping for some friendly folks to step forward as moderators, to whom the paypal donations will go to.

Some thoughts from your distant admin

and I finally have a way to articulate this thought:

I think y’all are crazy. Not like “aww, look at cute aunt Betty talking to bunnies that aren’t there” kind of nuts, but like “holy fuck, look at that psycho about to throw himself off a bridge” kind of crazy.

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t been much of a part of the community as of late, it is because I simply stopped caring to mess with my sleep using my conscious mind. Set up your environment so you sleep well, make conscious choices during the waking hours to eat the way that makes you feel healthy and well, and leverage lifestyle changes to improve your quality of sleep but *using your conscious mind to alter your quantity of sleep is just plain insanity*.

There, I said it.

Two and a half years ago I took on this community because I believed that polyphasic sleep might profoundly alter the structure of our society, but what I’ve seen is that it just doesn’t sustain itself beyond DC1 (for most people) or E3 (for a select few individuals, like ChrisCC). Now that I work in health care and I see all the environmental stresses we’re putting on ourselves as a species, I think you’re even more batshit crazy if you believe that reducing sleep is the answer to your health problems _because with those environmental stresses adding up. all of the creatures on the planet that do sleep are going to need more to give their body adequate time to process out the toxins from their environment and recover from the stresses that those toxins and the structure of the environment itself cause_.

So after I update the site and get it so I stop getting emails from ThatFatDood and reading posts complaining about the forum setup, I’m stepping away from this once and for all. My life has moved away from the digital space almost entirely, and I am much happier and more deeply fulfilled because of it. The only reason I haven’t simply up and abandoned polysoc is it’s on the server I pay for, so I have felt obligated to take part in the discussion. but my feeling of obligation to a group of people who I believe are throwing their health in the trash for more waking time is growing smaller by the hour.

If someone is interested in taking over polysoc, email me at jeff@polyphasicsociety.com

Site updates coming soon

I’ve achieved temporary sobriety and have 3 days. I’m going to move back to BBPress for now (it looks like the best balance between the super expensive paid forum software suites and the old school phpbb that all the members liked). After that, I’ll keep a link to these forums on the site, and include the bbpress stuff.

After I finish this update, expect me to step away from this.

For those looking for the forums

*Edit: Fixed the link, sorry about that. — Chris|cC

and wondering where they went, they’re still alive and well @ http://muut.com/polysoc

You’ll need to register on muut again.

What happened? It’s very simple: I fell off my bike, sprained my wrist really bad and now can’t work – muut’s fancy wordpress integration services require cash that I can’t spare until I’m working again. Until then, forums will be on muut.com/polysoc and if this is your first time here, SCAN THROUGH THE ARTICLES AT LEAST.

Polyphasic Sleep goes mobile

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the front page, but this is pretty newsworthy. The team at SmartSleep is creating what we originally envisioned for Polyphasic Society – an app that can adapt to day-to-day changes in your schedule and help you time your naps so you get optimal sleep quality. The following is their press statement, as well as links to their Kickstarter campaign.



Polyphasic sleep is becoming more popular nowadays. And the proof of this statement is SmartSleep project – the first application specially designed for polyphasic sleepers – both for individuals who are new to polyphasic sleep cycles and more experienced individuals looking to either reduce waking time or try one of the more difficult schedules. This is a kickstarter project and they are currently collecting funds: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/222464008/smartsleep-first-application-for-polyphasic-sleepe

A small group of long term polyphasic sleepers firstly created the draft of the application only for themselves and their friends as they felt that basic calendar, notifications and alarms tools were not doing well.

“We were tired of using standard tools for our needs. They do not keep in mind that we often need to slightly move notifications and alarms that go in pairs. Real situation: In 2 minutes I am having a power nap. I feel that I am ready for it right now and the timing is perfect – I just replied the last e-mail. With standard tools I would have spent these 2 minutes canceling notification and moving the alarm. It can take up to 10 clicks with all “Are you really sure?” dialogs. SmartSleep application handles this task in one simple click as it knows what to do”


“When we finished the first version of app we understood that it is a good start and decided to create a perfect tool for polyphasic sleepers that would include extended statistics collecting mechanism and, what is most important, a number of tools for beginners. We want to help beginners to avoid mistakes that can ruin their immunity and health. We will add schedule creation wizard, adjusting algorithms based on feedback and built-in encyclopedia with tips and useful articles. You can check the list of all the planned functions on our project page.”


Over on the forum side we have been giving them suggestions about features, how to improve their odds of success with Kickstarter, and support. If you have any ideas about what they can do to help make this app work for your lifestyle, go register and give them your feedback. They’ve been amazingly responsive and receptive to all the feedback we’ve given them.

We wish them a successful Kickstarter campaign! Here’s to polyphasic sleep becoming more easily accessible and available on the mobile platforms,

– The Polysoc Team

New Everyman Article Posted

The Everyman Article has been finished. If everyone can read it over and give some feedback that would be appreciated. Anything missing, or any good advice that should be available to every beginner should be in this article so leave a note at the bottom of the article if you have something to say.