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Polyphasic Sleep goes mobile

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the front page, but this is pretty newsworthy. The team at SmartSleep is creating what we originally envisioned for Polyphasic Society – an app that can adapt to day-to-day changes in your schedule and help you time your naps so you get optimal sleep quality. The following is their press statement, as well as links to their Kickstarter campaign.



Polyphasic sleep is becoming more popular nowadays. And the proof of this statement is SmartSleep project – the first application specially designed for polyphasic sleepers – both for individuals who are new to polyphasic sleep cycles and more experienced individuals looking to either reduce waking time or try one of the more difficult schedules. This is a kickstarter project and they are currently collecting funds:

A small group of long term polyphasic sleepers firstly created the draft of the application only for themselves and their friends as they felt that basic calendar, notifications and alarms tools were not doing well.

“We were tired of using standard tools for our needs. They do not keep in mind that we often need to slightly move notifications and alarms that go in pairs. Real situation: In 2 minutes I am having a power nap. I feel that I am ready for it right now and the timing is perfect – I just replied the last e-mail. With standard tools I would have spent these 2 minutes canceling notification and moving the alarm. It can take up to 10 clicks with all “Are you really sure?” dialogs. SmartSleep application handles this task in one simple click as it knows what to do”


“When we finished the first version of app we understood that it is a good start and decided to create a perfect tool for polyphasic sleepers that would include extended statistics collecting mechanism and, what is most important, a number of tools for beginners. We want to help beginners to avoid mistakes that can ruin their immunity and health. We will add schedule creation wizard, adjusting algorithms based on feedback and built-in encyclopedia with tips and useful articles. You can check the list of all the planned functions on our project page.”


Over on the forum side we have been giving them suggestions about features, how to improve their odds of success with Kickstarter, and support. If you have any ideas about what they can do to help make this app work for your lifestyle, go register and give them your feedback. They’ve been amazingly responsive and receptive to all the feedback we’ve given them.

We wish them a successful Kickstarter campaign! Here’s to polyphasic sleep becoming more easily accessible and available on the mobile platforms,

– The Polysoc Team

New Everyman Article Posted

The Everyman Article has been finished. If everyone can read it over and give some feedback that would be appreciated. Anything missing, or any good advice that should be available to every beginner should be in this article so leave a note at the bottom of the article if you have something to say.

New Uberman Article Posted

Hi everyone,

I have rewritten the Uberman article and included everything I can think of. It is complete as of now, but if anyone has anything more to add to the article leave a post below!

I want these articles to be as extensive as possible, and helpful to all newbies trying to understand what, how and why!

Next will be the Everyman Article and then the Triphasic Article, all of which should be following a similar format to the Uberman article now.

New forums are live

Hey everybody, we have set up the new forums for use! They can be found at, and will be much more familiar for those who were active on trypolyphasic. You will need to reregister on the new forums.

The current forums will be locked over the next 24 hours, and moved to an archive section of the site – still available for reference, but no new posts.

The new forums are part of an overall process to optimize the site to load smoother and be more scalable for any size community.

Thanks everyone for your patience and participation
– the PolySoc team

PolySoc coming alive!

The forums are really coming alive, with questions and answers being exchanged as more people migrate over to the new website, and people are becoming more active in the community!

New content in articles is constantly arising, and soon we should be finished.

A new 9-5 article has been created, so if anyone has ideas for scheudles that fit in with a 9-5 schedule (assuming a 12pm nap) drop some comments over in that page!

The more science-y articles have been separated, and later we may simplify the currently completed articles so as to cater for simpler tastes, but we will always be constantly adding more citations, links to journals and papers that prove that polyphasic sleep, and everything we say on this website, has credit!

If anyone is interested in writing about meditation, or vegan/vegetarianism in relation to polysleep then we would appreciate your contributions!

There is now  a beginners, schedules, adaptation and science article tabs, so you can explore them as you please, and soon we will hone in on the 3 BIG-daddy articles: Uberman, Everyman and Triphasic!